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OPC Master Agreement Unanimously Approved by City Council

Alderwoman Hairston, dressed as Prince, with our very own Sharon Lewis outside the City Council meeting.

Yesterday, October 31st, the City Council unanimously approved the Use Agreement between the Obama Foundation and the City of Chicago. This included the Plan Use Agreement, which we have discussed at the bottom of the page here on our website, and the proposed transportation infrastructure improvements within and surrounding Jackson Park that will complement the Obama Presidential Library, but will also increase pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular safety. You can see a summary of these plans here on our website. Links to the original documents are also found on these pages.

This is a major step forward for the OPC, finishing off the approval process required by the City of Chicago, but there are still several major hurdles that remain. We will update you soon on the Federal Review Process, including the process of finding a UPARR replacement site as well as the Protect our Parks lawsuit.

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