Who Are We?

We are the future neighbors of the Obama Presidential Center (OPC).  We are community members, parents and residents of the Woodlawn, South Shore, Hyde Park, Washington Park and surrounding neighborhoods.  Here is a video of residents of Woodlawn discussing their excitement for the OPC being situated in Jackson Park, and go to our Perspectives page to read more. We believe the OPC will provide the spark to light the revitalization of the South Side including major improvements to our parks as well as infrastructure changes to carry us into the next century. While we enthusiastically support the OPC in Jackson Park, we share concerns about displacement and equality in benefit sharing. We look forward to working with community organizations and elected officials to effect change in the appropriate laws and policies to preserve the unique cultures of the South Side and empower residents of all economic status.  We want our neighborhoods to be safe, clean and culturally rich for the present and future generations of South Siders. We want locally owned small and large businesses providing jobs and job training to our residents. Below are some community organizations already working for the revitalization of our communities through economic investment and job training.




South Shore